Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft

Minecraft Forge Download

The Minecraft Forge API is a very popular mod for Minecraft. It adds additionally support for various other mods and also comes with a built in mod loader. Many mods depends on the user having Forge API installed to work. Therefore you will see other mod articles, who will link to this mod as it is required for the mod to work.

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When installed, you will see another menu in Minecraft called “Mods”. It is very easy to install mods with Forge, just place them in the mods folder, and they will appear on the list in the Forge menu.

The Forge API itself is also very easy to install.

How to install the Minecraft Forge API

  • Download the Forge API installer.
  • Run the .jar installer and install.
  • Open Minecraft launcher.
  • Chose the new profile created – “Forge_”.
  • That’s it – start Minecraft and the new menu should appear.