iChun’s Hat Mod for Minecraft

iChun’s Hat Mod adds a feature to Minecraft that many players have been craving for a long time: hats.

If Team Fortress 2 have taught us anything, it is that no game is complete without a large wardrobe of hats.

This mod changes that, and finally makes Minecraft a complete experience, surely how the creators intended it to be.

The mod adds a lot of hats, famous as well as original, among them are a Tardis hat, the very recognizable red and white top-hat from Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, Ash from Pokemon’s hat and many more.

iCunh's Hat Mod for Minecraft

In order to unlock hats in survival and hardcore modes, you will have to find and kill mobs with hats on them, in order to use them for yourself.

In creative mode, all hats are unlocked from the start, so no need to hunt mobs here.

iCunh's Hat Mod for Minecraft

Included in the mod is also a nice GUI menu, to easily access the hats you have unlocked, and also to adjust options, color of the hats and so on.
This menu is opened by pressing “H” (default key) in-game, meaning hats won’t clog your inventory.

Hat Mod

This menu is also customize-able, so you can change it to your liking.

The mod works both on servers with it installed, and on servers without it.
On servers that have it installed, all the players get to chose what hat they want to wear, and on servers without it, they just get a random hat.

There are 72 different kinds of hats included in this mod, so there should be one for every taste out there, so if you have been annoyed at the disastrous lack of hats in Minecraft, fear not, this mod will help you with that.

It is recommended that you get Minecraft Forge in order to install this mod, although it should work without.

Hat Mod

How to install iChun’s Hat Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download the mod
  • If you don’t have Forge, then download and install Forge for Minecraft (remember to select the “Forge” profile in the Minecraft launcher)
  • Open your minecraft.jar folder (in Windows it’s in “%appdata%\.minecraft\bin\”, if you use the vanilla launcher)
  • Copy the mod from wherever you downloaded it from to the “mod” folder found in your “.minecraft” folder
  • Enjoy the new fantastic hats provided by this mod!